What we produce?
We are a manufacturer of water treatment plants and machines, either for feedwater treatment and wastewater treatment.
We have a wide catalogue of standardised plants, but we can produce system based on Customer’s specific needings.

What is a feed water?
It is a type of water used mainly for industrial production or for specific applications, generally related to industrial production.
These include also the drinkable water production and steam boiler water production.
Dependingly by the source of water and by their utilization, it can have different pretreatment.
The types of possible treatment steps may vary from filtration, dosage of specifi products, reverse osmosis and/or ultrafiltration.

What is the wastewater?
It is water discharged by an urban settlement (sewer wastewater from civilian origin) and from industrial installations (wastewater from civilian origin, industrial production, polluted rainwater, catering services, etc.).

Who are our Customers?
For a matter of internal organization, we don’t operate in the homes field, since the type of products is excessively small and needs a slighty different selling and post-selling organization.
So our Customers are the small, medium and big Companies.

What we don’t produce?
We don’t produce, neither sell, the water treatment systems for homes market, such as the small under-sink RO systems.

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