Drinking water treatment

Water has been called the universal solvent because so many substances will dissolve in it. Water also can carry many materials in suspension. Unfortunately, water is not particularly selective in which compounds become dissolved or suspended. It depends on where you live (country, city, surrounding land use, etc.), the primary source of your drinking water (confined or unconfined aquifer or surface water), your water supplier (private or community well, small or large municipal water system), and what is happening at any moment as your water travels from its source through the treatment/distribution system to your faucet.

Drinking system treatment water

Water treatment is not a simple issue. There is an ongoing and vigorous debate among the various groups interested in drinking water safety and the risks of every aspect of the water treatment and distribution business. There are many thousands products on the market that claim to provide you, the consumer, with purest water available, everything from filtration systems and distillation units to bottled water. Most government entities and water providers are extremely interested in supplying safe water to their citizens and/or customers. The treatment process may also add substances to the water that would increases risks of other disease in drinking water.

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