Idroconsult has installed various type of wastewater treatment systems for washing system that clean trains, underground trains, transport trains.
The high flow rate of water discharged and related high level of pollution needs usually customised systems.
Some of our references includes some of the mains Railway stations of Europe, India, China (Barcelona, Lisbon, Milan, New Dehli).
The water treatment is extended to the feed water, too, since we have supplied softeners and reverse osmosis systems for the final rinse of the above mentioned train washing systems.



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  • From 1971 in the water conditioning sector

    Idroconsult was the first company in Italy to perfect a highly efficient and economic insolubilisation process of metals

  • Certification ISO 9001

    All the procedures are strictly controlled, from design to manufacture and testing

  • Monitoring and remote control systems

    Was among the first in Italy, back in 1980, to equip its purification systems with monitoring and remote control systems

  • Exports

    The technologies developed in 35 years of business have enabled us to export both compact and larger systems