Desalination plant

The Disalination plant delivers free water to all sources, including to the Waste incinerator and PowerStation, Chicory Crushing plant, Sugar mills, farmers etc. The units remove salts from seawater with salinity up to 45,000 ppm TDS and produce water less than 500 ppm TDS for drinking water. The high purity line of products can also purify seawater down to less than 10 ppm TDS water for boiler feed and other high purity applications. The Italian Ministry of Public Works has funded a study aimed at assessing the technical feasibility and financial viability of a disalination plant to be implemented in other cities also.

Desalination water

An indepth analysis has been carried out on multi-flash and osmosis based processes, placing particular emphasis on the possible solutions enabling: energy saving; power co-generation (multi-flashes); renewable energy sources (reverse osmosis). Each solution has taken into account current town planning regulations, environmental impacts, possible mitigation measures, pre-treatment requirements, water in-take works, production waste dumping structures, as well as operation and management problems to be tackled. Implementation and operation costs have also been estimated. The study has reviewed all the technologies presently available on the market.


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