Water for water jet cutting systemsSystems and machinery for waterjet cutting operate at pressures from 4000 to 7000 bar.
Water used for cutting is fed in by means of calibrated nozzles driven by computerised systems.
The durability of the nozzles is dependent upon the characteristics of the water, i.e. on the dissolved salts present.
The higher the salinity, the shorter their lifetime, and consequently the incidence of the costs of replacement parts on the work being carried out.
The seals of the high pressure pump are also subject to rapid deterioration.



Harmful salts dissolved in the water which must be of low level are the following:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Bicarbonate
  • Chlorides


Ideal water conditions

Water used for cutting must be free of salts, must not be chemically aggressive and have a pH of 7 ÷ 8.
These characteristics make it possible to obtain a consistent increase in the lifetime of the nozzles and less wear on the high-pressure pump seal components and this allows the company to achieve a greater production yield with lower running costs.



The above stated negative or conditioning effects can be eliminated by the use of systems to desalinate the water used with Reverse osmosis plants equipped with systems that regulate the salinity to the ideal value.
We can provide water with a conductivity from 20 ÷ 350 µS/cm keeping the pH at a value of 7 ÷ 8 which can inhibit forms of corrosion in the circuits.



  • High reliability
  • High productivity
  • Rapid amortisation




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