Water for irrigation in Floriculture

In floriculture water is used to provide a set level of ambient humidity, as well as for irrigation and at the same time acts as a vehicle for carrying nutrients, or for both purposes.

1st use: humidification
The water must have an extremely low salt content with conductivity no greater than 10 ÷ 15 µS/cm.
It does not create pitting or blemishes on the leaves and on the petals of flowers

2nd use: irrigation
The production processes of flowering plants take place in greenhouses inside which the temperature and humidity conditions are strictly controlled.
They are equipped with computerised systems for irrigation and releasing nutrients for the plants, inserted into the vases.
The water used is the basic vehicle for the irrigation and fertilisation and is negatively conditioned by the salinity and specific toxicity of the dissolved ions.



The presence of salts affects the growth of plants in three ways:

  • Osmotic effects, caused by salts dissolved in the soil
  • Specific toxicity, caused by the concentration of the individual ions.
  • Dispersion of particles in the soil, caused by high concentrations of sodium, chlorides, sulphates and boron.

With high salinity in the root area, the plants use a considerable amount of their energy resources to rebalance the salt content at the root interface of the water to be taken in. When his happens, less energy is available for their growth.



The above stated negative or conditioning effects can be eliminated by the use of systems to desalinate the water used with Reverse osmosis plants, equipped with automated systems able to provide the ideal level of salinity for the type of plants.

Water can be produced with adjustable conductivity from 20 µS/cm to 500 µS/cm able to satisfy any requirements in the Floriculture sector.
The precision and the consistency of the treatment process means that computerised processes, which already exist in the sector, can be used for maximum performance and quality with consequent significant production and economic advantages for the company.


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