This is a biological submersed percolation system, in single block solution, which therefore includes all the phases listed below in one single structure in reinforced vibrated concrete:

-Dredge gravel
-Oil removal
-Biological oxidation
-Accumulation for recycling.  
The system is suitable for conditioning both water drained from rollover and tunnel washing systems and self-service track washing systems, which usually have harsher water drainage conditions.
Up to an amazing 90% of the water can be recovered in the first systems.
In this system, the water to be conditioned is received by gravity, it decants in the first section then it overflows into the second section, where the oil is removed.
The oil-free water reaches the biological percolation phase where it is purified, then it overflows into the final section, where it can be stored to be used again in the car washing system, or it can be sent to the final filtration column and from here sent to the drains.

This type of system is extremely simple to install thanks to the fact that it consists of just one single-piece structure in vibrated reinforced concrete containing all the hydraulic and electrical connections.
-It usually takes just one hour to place on-site.
-The system has a drive-over cover with absolutely customised solutions, tailor-made for each customer.





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  • From 1971 in the water conditioning sector

    Idroconsult was the first company in Italy to perfect a highly efficient and economic insolubilisation process of metals

  • Certification ISO 9001

    All the procedures are strictly controlled, from design to manufacture and testing

  • Monitoring and remote control systems

    Was among the first in Italy, back in 1980, to equip its purification systems with monitoring and remote control systems

  • Exports

    The technologies developed in 35 years of business have enabled us to export both compact and larger systems