Water softeners

It's important to note the use of the water softeners. The water softeners act as a catalyst in the electrochemical changes to the ions and molecules in the water as it passes through the unit, while the alloy itself does not lose any of its catalytic properties. The softeners eliminate hard water properties by changing the valence or chemical charge of calcium carbonate to provide unlimited quantities of safe, scale-free, conditioned water in your home and prevent further lime-scale buildup. The softeners also retain all the healthy and beneficial minerals and trace minerals, and since we never use salt, our conditioned water has no added sodium, tastes great, and is safe to drink.

Water softeners system

Although water-producing companies do have the opportunity to produce softened water, they will not always do so. A water producing company only has to add a water softener in its water purification system, to produce softened water cheaply. But than consumers would not be able to have the choice to drink un-softened water. Softened water still contains all the natural minerals that we need. It is only deprived off its calcium and magnesium contents, and some sodium is added during the softening process. That is why in most cases, softened water is perfectly safe to drink. It is advisable that softened water contains only up to 300mg/L of sodium.

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