Water in the processes of food production companies

Steam generation

Various food production companies, especially those that produce canned foods, use vapour for cooking as well as for sterilisation.
It is therefore essential to have a supply of water with a low saline content, in order to prevent steam generators from gradually becoming clogged, which inevitably leads to increased running costs.

With its many years of experience, Idroconsult has provided countless installations of this type, especially based on reverse osmosis technology.

Although other technologies for lowering the salt content of water also exist (such as softening or demineralisation by resin exchange), the reverse osmosis process is without doubt the one that brings a drastic reduction in running costs following the initial investment.
In addition to this is the absence of down times in the production cycle, due to regeneration processes etc.

Examples of companies:

  • food processing companies;
  • canned meat and fish production companies.


Water purification

Water in the processes of food production companies In their processes, food production companies need water that complies with the limits set by the regulatory standards in order to be fit for human consumption.
The problems can be different for different companies, as it depends on the characteristics of the well water or of the water supply.
Some types of contaminant can be removed more easily, while others require more specific plants with dedicated technologies.

The most common parameters that exceed the limits for drinking water are:

  • Iron;
  • Manganese;
  • Arsenic;
  • Nitrates;
  • Salinity;
  • Total hardness;
  • Turbidity:
  • Chlorides;
  • Bacteria.

Examples of companies:

  • Juice and drinks production companies;
  • Wineries;
  • Companies that process milk and dairy products.


Spring mineral waters

The problem is even more critical in the mineral water sector.
This is because spring waters cannot undergo alterations to their composition and so the purification systems must be limited to removing the turbidity and the bacteria.
This must be done without adding products to the water.


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