Wastewater from companies making dairy products, cheese and packaging milk Wastewater in the dairy industry comes from: plant washing (CIP), container washing and floor washing.
The whey from milk that contains lactose, protein and fats cannot be sent into the sewers.

The level of contamination of the wastewater can be classified in two groups that depend on the type of processing:

a) Dairy and cheese production
The presence of organic substances is high and the BOD5 can reach values of 3200 ÷ 3800 mg/ℓ.

b) Packaging milk
Contaminated water comes from washing the circuits (CIP) at the end of the work cycle.
The organic content is lower and the BOD5 varies from 700 ÷ 1000 mg/ℓ.



Plants are biological with a double oxidative stage and double oxidative stage with bioreactor (MBR) for process a).
They are biological with a single oxidative stage or an MBR version for process b).
The treated water is suitable for release into surface water courses, in full compliance with the applicable laws.


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