Wastewater from wineries Wastewater from wineries contains contaminating substances that decay slowly.
The treatment plants are sized taking these factors into account.

The types of wastewater from the winemaking sector can be divided as follows :

  • Vinification stage
    High concentration of BOD5 and COD, high volumes of daily discharge.
    This stage generally lasts one month.
  • Wine refining and bottling stage
    The volumes discharged are lower and the contaminating content is also lower.
    Wastewater is produced as a result of washing vats, washing bottling lines and washing floors.




  • Microfiltration of suspended solids
  • pH correction
  • Aerated accumulation
  • Total oxidisation biological plant, MBR version
  • Treatment of excess sludge.

The treated water is suitable for release into surface water courses, in full compliance with the applicable laws.

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