Car wash water recycling

In some of the selected European countries, recycling activities are economically important. Collection, sorting and reprocessing represent job opportunities. They also lower energy and municipal waste disposal costs. Recycling and reprocessing are growth industries, which also support some downstream sectors like the steel industry. There are many companies for Car Recycling Waste recycling sorting which supply a unique range of sorters for handling the increasingly complex mix of materials in today' s waste streams. With units for separating a wide range of waste fractions and scanning widths. The products comprise a powerful battery of robust equipment for fast, efficient sorting.

Iron water removal

Iron removal is technique used to remove excessive iron and manganese from water. The iron and manganese cause unwanted precipitation and coloring of the water. Iron removal is based on the controlled precipitation of iron and manganese. It is normally done by mixing of the water with air followed by sand filtration. The removal of the iron is normally less difficult than the removal of manganese. High iron concentration should be treated with two or more systems in series. Complex bound iron and manganese can be very difficult to remove. In order to remove iron, it is also possible to precipitate iron in carbonate or with an iron exchanger system.

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